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Great Tribulation, Rapture & Wrath Of God Timeline

(Daniel 7:25)  And he "antichrist" shall speak great words against the Most High, and shall wear out the Saints "Christians" of the most high, and think to change times and laws:  and they "Christians" shall be given into his hands for 3 1/2 years.  (Christians will be persecuted, lead into captivity, tortured and killed).

In (Matt 24:22) Jesus said for the elects sake the days of tribulation shall be shortened.  Jesus will appear before the end of the Tribulation period and RAPTURE "rescue" the Church.  Immediately afterward God's WRATH will be pured out on the inhabitants of planet earth.  Those who persecuted Christians will experience the Wrath of God (2Thess 1:7-8), before being assigned to everlasting fire with the devil and his angels (Matt 25:41)

Below is a chart showing the 3 1/2 year Great Tribulation of Christians  (Rev 13:7)

                          YEAR                                              YEAR                                         YEAR                                                       


<Great             Tribulation            Against               Christians                 Antichrist>  <  RAPTURE  > 

Every Christian must be ready for at least 3 years of Great Tribulation which will be the greatest period of persecution in Church history.  Read Matthew 24 to hear the Words of Jesus Christ warning the end times Church of great affliction and martydom at the hands of unbelievers and former believers who abandoned the faith (Matt 24:9-10). Read the Word of God and pray that you and your loveones will stand firm in the faith of Jesus, overcoming the antichrist by the blood of the Lamb, and the Word of your testimony, loving not your lives unto death.